Umicore Precious Metals Refining is a major recycler of precious metals bearing raw materials. If you would like to have additional information on these materials, please click on the navigation on the left of this website. Enjoy your exploration!

Electronic scrap
In today's industrial societies the use of electric and electronic equipment has increased tremendously. While production levels have been growing steadily , the lifecycle of many devices is decreasing, hence leading to growing volumes of electronic scrap.

Spent automotive catalysts
Do you have access to used or end-of-life catalytic converters? Do you recycle spent automotive catalysts? Are you looking for value?

Spent industrial catalysts
Precious metal catalysts are crucial for many technical syntheses. In oil refining and petrochemical processes the main application fields are catalytic reforming, isomerization, hydrocracking, chemical, pharmaceutical and oxosynthesis. 

Fuel cells
Low temperature fuel cells like PEMFC, DMFC or PAFC contain significant amounts of platinum, required as catalyst for the conversion of reactive gases into electric power. 

Sweeps and bullions
Coming from various sources such as incineration of rags/wipes, precious metal-bearing milled slags and metallic electronic scraps, sweeps and bullions actually close the loop of the pre-processing chain to achieve ultimate refining.