Health and safety

The aim of is to create a zero accident workplace.


To achieve a zero accident workplace, we need to take several actions:

  • create more tangible engagement of management
  • improve communication structures as regards health & safety
  • create transparent rules and efficient procedures
  • set up efficient training and development
  • behaviour audits and effecient incident investigation & reporting

In order to obtain zero accidents, we have created a health & safety policy and 12 health & safety principles.

Health & safety policy

  • We want a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.
  • We don't compromise on health and safety.
  • Everyone has their responsibility as regards health and safety.

Health & safety principles

  • Everyone is responsible for his own safety and that of others.
  • We address each other as regards unsafe behavior and we keep an open mind for such reactions.
  • We learn from mistakes, incidents and audits. We share best practices.
  • Our employees and external employees have the same rights and obligations as regards health and safety.
  • Procedures and instructions are clear, available, known and understood.
  • Training is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy working environment and to continually improve it. 
  • Involvement and behavior are essential in accomplishing a successful health and safety policy.
  • Order and tidiness are vital to establish a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We communicate frequently and clearly to our employees and other stakeholders about our health and safety policy and its results.
  • We recognize and value good results for health and safety.
  • Safe behavior is a prerequisite to work at Umicore.
  • Improving safety is a never-ending story.