Electronic scrap is a highly complex and heterogeneous group of materials. We have the expertise required to correctly valorise and refine different types of precious metal bearing e-scrap. Umicore works with an assay-based settlement and typically valorises silver, gold, palladium and copper. Elements such as aluminium and iron are not valorised, and we recommend removing these fractions beforehand as much as possible. Below you may find an overview of the typical materials we work with, and the ideal lot sizes.


Materials More information Minimum required volume  
Printed circuit boards   10 tons
Cell phones and other small
IT devices without batteries
Batteries can be recycled as a seperate material by UBR 2 tons
CPU, IC, connectors   1 to 5 tons
Laptops without batteries
& screen
  10 tons  
Shredded fractions with
printed circuit boards
From mechanical pre-processing of e-scrap 25 to 100 tons
Other precious metal
bearing fractions
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