Lead industry

Among the many products originating from lead industry, Umicore Precious Metals Refining processes:

  • PbCu-dross
  • PbCu-mattes
  • speiss (a complex combination of any of the elements Pb, Cu, Ni, As, Sb and Sn)
  • precious metals containing doré slags
  • flue dusts
  • residues with typical metal value

In primary lead industry the impurities contained in the concentrates typically report to various intermediate streams.
Umicore provides a service of impurity management for many lead smelters in the world.

By treating several of the intermediates generated by the lead smelter, Umicore can render value to these intermediates for the smelter and in the same time service the impurity management of the smelter.

In secondary  lead smelting the number of intermediates is less significant. Umicore can act for secondary smelter as an outlet for their copper in the form of dross or matte.