Weighing and sampling

Huge installations are geared to fast, efficient and representative sampling

  • Weighing:
    • Net weight is determined at the very first stage, prior to any handling of the material, to rule out any possible losses.
    • We can handle: drums, big bags, flow bins (returnable), 1m3 or 20 ft ISO tank containers
  • Sampling:
    Depending on the physical aspect (free-flowing or not) 3 major procedures can be applied: blending, mixing or incremental liquid sampling. A thorough 100% sampling procedure guarantees maximum representativeness of the retained sample.

  • Free-flowing material: 2 consecutive blendings combined with rotary samplers in order to reduce material volume.

  • Wet/lumpy material: 100% mixing followed by spear sampling.

  • Liquid organic material: homogenization by heating, pumping and stirring followed by incremental sampling.

  • Primary sample is divided:
    • ground samples are put in sealed bags and sent to different parties for assay.
    • sample for LOI-measurement.
    • liquid samples are put in bottles and sent to different parties for assay.
  • LOI-determination:
    • Loss on ignition = calcining loss due to presence of (in)organic compounds (hydrocarbons, Cl, H2O, Br, other volatile elements).
    • Importance: some of these elements lead to weight variations, and need to be eliminated for correct calculation of the precious metal content.
  • Our sampling system does not require any pre-treatment like incineration, so no risk for metal losses.

  • We welcome the presence of our customers or their representative or independent witness during the entire weighing and sampling operations.